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Pieternel Vermoortel is the artistic director of Netwerk, Aalst, and director of the curatorial program FormContent, where the most recent project, “The Subject Interrupted,” looks at the drives and conditions around cultural production.
Currently she teaches exhibition and cultural production at Curatorial Studies KASK, in Ghent. She has also taught at LUCA, in Brussels, and HISK, in Ghent and critical studies at the BA fine art at Goldsmiths, University of London. Vermoortel has written for various catalogs and magazines, such as Art Agenda and Metropolis M, and has edited publications including a.o., Cave Territories (2016), It’s Moving from I to It (2014), The Responsive Subject (2011), and Out of the Studio (2008). Recent exhibitions she has curated include Practicing the Habits of the Day, at the ICA in Singapore (2016); The Play, with Tim Etchels, at Tate Modern (2015); If I Can’t Dance, in Amsterdam (2015); The Responsive Subject, Muzee, Ostend, and The Young People Visiting Our Ruins See Nothing But a Style, at the GAM, in Turin (2010).

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